Meditation to Evoke Empathy


I learned from Eastern meditation a method of reflection whose Americanized name is “Pillow Pause”. Continue reading this post on my new blog, Variegated Vision, to where it with its comments and links, has moved along with all the other content on this site. Follow this link to the post…Meditation to Evoke Empathy – Variegated Vision (


4 responses to “Meditation to Evoke Empathy

  1. Elroy Mccullah Admin Note: URL witheld pending spam investigation

    Thanks a bunch for this awesome information. Keep up the neat work. I will be returning often.

    • Glad you like it. Hope it will be helpful. May I suggest adding a link to your blog to share it with others who obviously will be looking at your site interested in meditation? Once I accept the link, anyone who reads this post will be able to link to yours as well.

  2. Few realize the magnitude of the effect of investing a week in spinning it (the pillow) around to see how it feels. Probably many will become addicts if they only gave it a little time.

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