About the Blogger

I’m a first-time blogger, but have before used online journals and mailing lists to distribute regular meditations via the web. I struggle with many health issues and am often frustrated by not being able to find a way to utilize the gifts I’ve been given to give glory to God and to further God’s kingdom. I honestly don’t remember how I happened upon blogging, but it has given me the venue I’ve been looking for. I try my best to let the Spirit speak through my writing, but I know that even where I fail, the Spirit will bring you the message you need to hear if you are but open to the Spirit’s voice.

My blogs sometimes include material previously published and copyrighted, but until now they were available only to a relatively small audience. I welcome pertinent comments. Please leave comments on my Off Topic page if you have topic suggestions, constructive criticism of my writing, or general inquiries. Many times, reader comments seed new postings, as well, so check back to see if you have played the role of my muse.

Most often my writing posted here will reflect themes of spirituality, philosophy, and personal growth. Often these offerings share what I’ve learned through my personal inquiry and reflection. Nothing I write intends to substitute for psychotherapy/counseling or advice from any trained professional. I am merely sharing my thoughts and the lessons that have learned.

You will also occasionally find examples of creative writing expressive of my struggles, triumphs and attitude. I share all, but especially such, writing as a part of who I am and thus ask you treat it with the respect you would treat me as a live person. I will seek all recourse for plagiarism. I welcome constructive criticism, but please refrain if you have nothing kind to say. I invite you to share your creative writing with me as well, but please be clear about what kind of feedback you would like. I do not wish to offend anyone by providing editorial comment if it’s undesired.

Much of my writing includes aspects of my fascination with words. I’m a big fan of etymology. I also like creating acronyms for conceptual words. If you are curious to know how I came to “define” a word as I have, please ask me on the “Off Topic” page. If you share either of these common interests, likewise contact me.

Finally, blogging is a pastime to me, so I attend to it and non-urgent email when time allows but as quickly as I can. Please practice patience in expecting my next blog or any replies. As a person, I am open-minded, inquisitive and empathetic. I enjoy these same qualities in others. Blog on!