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Moved to a New Blog

Hi. If you’ve happened upon this site, it’s probably from the WordPress Dashboard or a link on someone else’s blog. Due to health issues, I became unable to keep up with this blog. I’m healthier now, but have decided to join forces with some fellow bloggers as regular contributors on a new blog,Variegated Vision. We don’t share matching personalities, perspectives or passions. So come enjoy the variety. Be sure to make use of the share features there and join the email subscription for updates about new posts. This site will likely be closed by the end of May. All posts from this blog have already been migrated to the new site. Please go there to read anything so as to give an accurate measure on my statistics about readership and popularity of posts. Thanks for dropping by. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Pride And The St. Joseph Hospital Abortion Debate

This article was originally published Dec 23, 2010, so this posting reflects older comments.  I have re-published this post to include considerable new material. You may find this post, including all links and comments, along with the rest of the contents of this site at my new blog Pride And The St. Joseph Hospital Abortion Debate – Variegated Vision (