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We Are Thieves

Illustration for Cheating

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We are a web of existence.  Each act we choose eventually affects every other person.

For as long as we benefit from the righteous acts of others and fail to choose to act our most righteous,

we are taking more than giving,

receiving more than we deserve,

obtaining wealth dishonestly.

We may commit no blatant or obvious act of dishonesty or cheating,…

no crime for which we may be punished,

nothing for which we would be disgraced if found out…

but whenever we do not do our best, we’re cheating someone.

Whenever we make excuses for even our most minor faults, we’re being dishonest with others and ourselves.

Whenever we fail to put forth the effort to develop the gifts God’s given us, we are thieves!

And whenever in our pride we remain silent when we need help becoming the persons God wants us to be

or deny others the right to help us,

it is then we act most selfishly.